Our Nemo Room is for our younger children. 18 months - 31 months (10% are 24 months)

This room goes by ability not always by age. Each child is unique and learns and grows at their own pace.

Children in this room will be learning lots! Social, social and social. We focus on helping young children experience their new little world at Sandbox; Hang up their coat, put their inside shoes in their cubbie. tidy up, line up, wait their turn, sit and listen at story time and toileting.

They will (we hope) learn to listen and follow directions. To choose, play, plan, explore their own little world.

Letter sounds, numbers, colours, shapes, stories, songs, language. We need to use our words. What goes up must come down. New concepts are learned daily.

Our Pre school children ages 2½ to 3½ also learn the above. But when ready we ask more of this age group. This age group are also in our Nemo Room. ie: How did we make that colour orange? We mix, match, blend, paint, group classify, pour, skip, climb and learn to do for our selves. pour, skip, etc. We start to learn to print letters and learn that letter sounds make words. This may sound like nothing to you but believe me, it is alot for children to learn.

Our Jiminy Cricket Room is for children that are a little older or ready for this room.

Children must be toilet trained, and can do most things for themselves.

Their learning to share, care and get along with each other. Learning to use their words and not actions.

Learning that print means something. Sounds of the letters (Jolly Phonics) teaches the children to sound out words, helps them print words, and the child/children are understanding what they are printing and reading.

In this age group gross motor development includes activities like throwing, catching, climbing and balancing. They love to run and play simply games. This group are becoming independent thinkers and problem solvers.

Lots of growth and personal development. We are developing good habits, making the right choices and are curiosity about their environment. Their interests are growing. Assuming responsibility for their own actions and reactions in a positive manner. (we hope) This age group are becoming aware of other peoples feelings, not just their own. This fosters respect for each other in a positive manner. After all if you are in the Jiminy Cricket room, You always let your conscious be your guide.

We need to share and understand that things don't always go the way we want them to. By focusing on children's social emotional, cognitive and physical growth, our curriculum promotes an effective development approach in a positive learning environment.

This is also fosters in our school age programs.


Children will not be allowed to walk home from Sandbox Tech unless you the parents have provided us with a note. Children must be picked up by their parents or the designated adult. We will need to see their identification before releasing your child to them. Children will NOT be released to anyone who is not on your child's registration form, unless the parent has called to confirm changes.


Morning and afternoon snacks are provided daily, and are listed in our kitchen. Lunch is made on the premise by qualified staff. We follow the Canada's Food Guide.


There are no credits for days that are missed.

Statutory holidays must be paid if your child's day falls on that day.

There is a 50% charge for holidays that you take throughout the year.
Limited to 2 weeks per year.

If you are not needing care for the summer months and wish your child's spot to be kept for the following Sept. a 50% fee to reserve your child's spot is required. IE: $190.00 a week, 50% to be paid would be $95.00.

If you need Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday, you will be charged for every Friday. This keeps your child's spot for Fridays.

Pre-school hours are mornings 8:30-11:30 a.m. Afternoon hours for pre-school are 1p.m. until 3:30 p.m.

Full day child care hours are 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
We are open March break and the summer holidays.


2 weeks notice is needed when withdrawing your child from any of our programs.
Please put all requests in writing and hand it to either or supervisor your child's care giver.