• • Nutritious foods and beverages are provided throughout the day
  • • Our health guidelines and emergency phone numbers are posted clearly
  • • The center is cleaned daily
  • • We have unannounced visits from Wellington-Dufferin, and Guelph Public Health and    Inspectors as well as our Ministry of Education
  • • We have a third party private playground inspector to inspect the playground
  • • Private playground (with equipment that meets the Canadian Safety Standards)
  • • Our staff are trained yearly through Safe Vital Signs Seminars. CPR and First Aid training.
  • • We review EPIPEN, both twin and Single EPIPEN training.


Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can be caused by insect stings, bites, foods, medications, latex or other substances that could be fatal.

If your child has any allergen(s) or is Anaphylaxis we need to have an emergency plan put in place for your child. The steps that you wish us to take will help us respond effectively during an emergency situation. Our Anaphylaxis Policy is posted on our parent information board for all to read.

Your child's plan is read and signed by our staff that are working in the room that your child is in.

All staff are to sign this information that you have given us. That way we know what to do if the need arrises. Parents with children with asthma will also be asked to fill out an emergency plan for staff.

School aged children 8 years of age and older are to carry their own auto-injector with them at all times. Along with any asthma inhalers. Once again parent consent is needed on file and is on going.


When it is your child's birthday and you wish to bring in something special to celebrate your child's day:

  • • Cake and cup cakes must be nut free.

Here are a few NEW ideas that would work and is fun for your child and the rest of our class:

  • • Popsicles
  • • Freezies
  • • Cut up fresh fruit
  • • Veggies and nut free dip
  • • Children make their own ice cream sundaes